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Oral Cancer Screening – Colleyville, TX

Caring For Your Overall Wellbeing

The Oral Cancer Foundation estimates that 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with this disease each year. Of those, about 10,000 will die. With routine oral cancer screenings, our team at The DFW Dental Implant Center focuses on spotting the signs of the disease early to increase our patients’ chances of successfully battling it. In a matter of a few minutes, we’re able to thoroughly screen for early signs of oral cancer and potentially save your life, which we believe is a great investment of your time. If it has been longer than six months since you last visited your dentist and had a screening, be sure to contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Signs of Oral Cancer

person with a sore throat who needs an oral cancer screening

There are several signs of oral cancer that patients can experience depending on how far along the disease has progressed. Here are some symptoms that you can keep an eye out for at home:

  • Red or white patches in your mouth
  • Oral sores that don’t heal within two weeks
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • Abnormal growths or lumps on the inside of your mouth
  • Persistent sore throat
  • Numb areas in your mouth
  • Pain in your ears

The earlier we’re able to spot these signs, the better chances you have at making a complete recovery if you’re diagnosed with the disease. That’s why our team places emphasis on visiting us every six months for routine examinations.

Focusing On Spotting Oral Cancer Early

dentist looking at an illustration of a mouth on a tablet

Early diagnosis is important, because much like any other disease or condition, the sooner it’s treated, the better. There are four stages of oral cancer, and according to the National Cancer Institute, 83 percent of patients who are diagnosed with localized cancer that hasn’t spread live for at least an additional five years or more. That number drops down to 38 percent for patients who are diagnosed with more advanced cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. With routine appointments, our team is able to make sure that this disease doesn’t have the opportunity to drastically progress and impact your health and livelihood.

What Can You Expect During An Oral Cancer Screening?

person smoking with their friends

Oral cancer screenings are fast, thorough, and highly effective. We’ll first conduct a visual examination of your mouth, tongue, neck, and lips, in search of any common signs of the disease. After that, we’ll do a physical examination and feel for any abnormal lumps or bumps in your throat or mouth. If we find anything out-of-the-ordinary, we may refer you for additional testing to make sure that it’s nothing life-threatening.