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All-on-4 Denture Treatment – Colleyville, TX

State-of-the-Art Dentures in One Appointment

The All-On-4 ® treatment concept has been around for nearly two decades. It is a cost-efficient, graft-less solution that provides specific patients with a fixed (non-removable) full-arch temporary denture on the day of surgery. This improves esthetics, speech, sense of taste, and self-esteem in a shorter period of time compared to other traditional treatments. With it, a patient missing an entire arch of teeth can literally walk into our dental office and leave with a full set of teeth the same day.

Why Choose DFW Dental Implant Center for All-on-4?

  • Able to replace an entire row of teeth in a single visit
  • Dentist trained in advanced prosthodontics
  • All dentures custom-made in our on-site lab

What are the Benefits of the All-On-4® Treatment Concept?

Older man with healthy smile

  • Full-Arch Restoration With Only Four Implants — Two straight implants in the front and two tilted implants in the back. By tilting the two back implants, the bone-to-implant contact is increased, providing optimized bone support even when there is a lack of bone. Tilting the back implants also helps to avoid vital anatomical structures and results in a better distribution of the implants for strength.
  • Immediate Function — Treatment time is shorter by providing a fixed (non-removable) acrylic temporary bridge on the day of surgery. This eliminates the need for patients to wear a denture while the implants heal.
  • Graft-less Procedure — Tilting of the posterior implants avoids the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures that can prolong treatment.
  • Lower Costs — Less expensive than the traditional option of individual implant crowns and bridges.

What Can You Expect During Dental Implant Treatment?

Model implant denture

Step 1: Determine the Position of the Dental Implants on the Digital Treatment Planning Software

After reviewing your 3D CAT scan to evaluate the amount of bone, the location of the two straight and two angled implants will be planned in the digital treatment planning software based on either your remaining natural teeth or a new denture tooth setup. This will allow the dental implants to be positioned according to the orientation of your new teeth.

Step 2: Place Four Dental Implants Using A Surgical Guide and Attach Full-Arch (Fixed) Temporary Prosthesis

A surgical guide will be used to place the four dental implants according to the digital treatment plan. Depending on the initial stability of the dental implants, either a fixed (non-removable) full-arch temporary prosthesis will be attached directly to the dental implants or a temporary denture (removable) will be delivered. The decision on whether the temporary prosthesis is fixed or removable depends on the initial stability of the dental implants, the bone quality and quantity, the biting force that may be applied to the dental implants as they heal, any history of grinding or clenching, and the overall health of the patient. In all cases, you will leave with temporary teeth on the day of surgery.

Step 3: Deliver Your New All-On-4® Implant Prosthesis

After 4 months of healing, the permanent All-On-4® prosthesis will be secured directly to the dental implants and will function and look like natural teeth.

Patient Example

A female patient visited The DFW Dental Implant Center for a comprehensive evaluation. She was diagnosed with cavities, severe gum disease, and numerous missing teeth. She wanted an option that was permanent and would look natural. She did not want anything removable.

Real patient before and after treatment

BEFORE: Left: Clinical view of smile when she presented to The DFW Dental Implant Center; Right: Baseline Panoramic x-ray

She was treated with an All-On-6 treatment concept in the upper jaw and the traditional All-on-4 ® treatment concept in the lower jaw. The final prostheses were made of porcelain-fused-to-zirconia for a natural appearance and strength.

Actual patient before and after All on 6 treatment

AFTER: Left: Upper and lower Zirconia bridges; Right: Clinical view of the smile after the bridges were attached to the implants